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5Excellent for use in a vehicle, office, hotel room, or bedroomMay 04, 2014
By Kate McMurry
This is not the smallest of Amaircare's portable air purifiers. That honor goes to the Amaircare XR-100 model, which is specifically made to be used in vehicles. However, the size of this particular product is quite convenient to place on a table or desk to purify the air in an entire room, such as an office, bedroom, or hotel room when traveling. And, of course, it, too, can be used in a vehicle. (If you are traveling light, with only a carry-on suitcase, however, I recommend the XR-100 over this model to take with you to use in your hotel room.)

This purifier is advertised to work for up to 150 square feet, which is the size of an average hotel room. It weighs only 6 lbs. It comes in several colors, sandstone (a kind of beige), white or black.

This air purifier comes with 2 pre-filters, a HEPA filter, 3 activated inner carbon filter blankets, and a 110/115 volt plug with 7-foot cord.

If you want an auto adapter, which plugs into a car's cigarette lighter, it is sold separately.

If you want a VOC filter, it, too, is sold separately.

Note that this device will last for many years, but the filters have to be changed on a regular basis. Here are the recommendations for replacing the filters of this air purifier, based on running it constantly (if you infrequently run it, they would not have to be replaced as often):

1. The Standard Filter Kit contains 2 pre-filters and 3 activated inner carbon filter blankets, and it is replaced annually. This typically sells for about $29.

2. If you get a VOC filter kit, it is replaced annually. As of this date, this is not offered on Amazon, but you can easily find it by entering into a search engine, the following: "Roomaid Plus Annual Filter Kit with VOC Carbon." This typically sells for about $49.00, which is an extra $20 to get VOC protection. This kit includes 2 pre-filters and, instead of 3 activated inner carbon filter blankets, you get 1 VOC 100% carbon filter, which removes many (but not all) gaseous chemicals from the air, and offers much stronger odor control than the standard carbon filters.

3. The HEPA cartridge is replaced every 2-5 years, depending on frequency of usage of this device. You choose its color based on the color of your Roomaid, that is, either sandstone, white or black.

I own two of these air purifiers, and I have purchased two other ones as gifts for family members. The first one I purchased in 2003 is still running strong. The second one I purchased in 2007 is also still working.

I always take one of these air purifiers with me when traveling, and I always have one in my car. In addition, when I am using strong chemicals to clean my bathroom, I carry one of these purifiers into the bathroom and run it until the air has cleared out.

I have three other, much larger (and much more expensive) air purifiers in my house because I am very sensitive to chemicals, which massively outgas from carpets, paint, and the particle board that is everywhere in home construction these days and, as mentioned above, is in cleaning products. In comparison to those other air purifiers, this little device works extremely well for removing chemicals from the air, as well as dust, odors and smoke. No one in my household smokes, but occasionally food burns in the oven, and this air purifier is very helpful for clearing out smoke from the air.

If you don't have a lot of money and you or a family member has allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, or you want protection at work from viruses and bacteria in the air due to "sick building syndrome" which can lead to illness, this device is a terrific way to protect your health at a relatively low cost.

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4my portable air purifierDec 07, 2011
By mike c.
The first time I purchased this machine two years ago it was great! because it came with a 110v/220v dual transformer, so I could use it overseas. The machine is great, but this time it came with only a 110v transformer.

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5use it for 1 1/2 years love itJun 05, 2014
By Joan Phraner
My mom gave one to me for my son. after a year in the living room i moved it to my sons room and 2 months later the dust in my living room is out of control!!!! i didn't realize how much this thing did.... i am now purchasing 2 more for my home. well worth the money...

5Great compact air cleaner, one of the few intended for the car!Jan 01, 2014
By Robert
Definitely would recommend, however, only issue is not being able to just by the VOC filters without the outside filter.

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5Works great!Mar 23, 2013
By Lauren Marie Owen "Lauren Marie Owen"
Good product-however, I recently read that HEPA filters use fiberglass, which is carcinogenic. However, I never get sick at the office with this in my cube. Tolerable noise - sounds like a rushing river.

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