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Dyson Mini Turbine Head
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Dyson Mini Turbine Head

List Price: $83.99
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Product Details:
Package Length: 8.0 inches
Package Width: 6.1 inches
Package Height: 3.0 inches
Package Weight: 1.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 134 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 134 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

154 of 158 found the following review helpful:

5Use the right tool for the right taskAug 19, 2007
By J. Preston
I read the negative reviews on this item with some surprise and amusement.

I have been using this tool for its designed use - cleaning stair steps. It works magnificiently.

Here are a few tips: (1) The turbine spins from pneumatic pressure. You must push and pull on the button to direct the air over the turbine so that it will spin the brush; (2) Once the brush is spinning, just as with a jet engine, excessive resistance will significantly impede the speed of the turbine and diminish performance. (3) The clogging occurs when you slow the turbine so much from resistance (by using it on things like soft pillows or piles of clothing) that the air cannot spin the turbine with sufficient velocity to remove the hair from the collection points - therefore it clogs.

Don't use this on soft pillows. The softness of the pillow will wrinkle and create a surface with too much resistance for the turbine to spin at the speed necessary to function. The mattress cleaning tool, stiff brush or extra soft brush work great on pillows (remove 100% of pet hair).

DO use it on stairs or any other firm surfaces. Give the turbine a few seconds to come up to speed. Keep it at speed and it will perform wonderfully.

I have a black labrador retriever. I vacuum her fur during shedding season (a few cookies helped her overcome her initial conclusion that I had gone mad) with the mattress attachment. Then I use this attachment to vacuum the stairs and the stiff upholstery.

Used as above, the attachment removes 100% of the dog hair from any firm surface and does an excellent job of cleaning.

I love my Dyson and everything about. I think I like it more than my wife.

I hope this helps.

152 of 159 found the following review helpful:

3Not bad but definitely not perfectJan 30, 2005
By Avalon Daughter
If you're reading this then you've probably experienced one of two things: 1.) your animal tool on the purple Dyson finally choked and died or 2.) you have a Dyson and are interested in this tool because it picks up animal hair. Either way, both reasons are why I bought the Dyson in the first place.

This is the attachment/upgrade for the animal tool that was originally put out. The old one (all grey) was EXCELLENT and always got all the hair/lint/whatever off anything I had -- including throw pillows. The problem with the old animal tool was that it was impossible to clean out in case anything got clogged inside of it which eventually kills it. So... this tool that you're looking at is pretty much Dyson's answer -- it's redesigned and been put out. There are plenty of Pros and Cons:


- It does work on throw pillows but you have to brush a little lighter. In fact, sweeping side to side almost works better than up and down.

- It can be opened up to clean out any part of it -- something the old one can't do.

- It can fit any Dyson model available.


- Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as the old model (now discontinued) without some patience.

- There is an air filter on it that if bumped, closes and stops the brush from spinning. You'll notice if it does -- just pull it out. Bit of a pain, but not horrible.

- The brush does stop spinning if you flatten it against the material -- this part doesn't make sense to me. Isn't that the point? To get close to the fabric and pull off every bit of fiber you don't want? The original did it just fine.

- At the $69 pricetag I've seen just about everywhere, I feel that this is a SERIOUS error on Dyson's part. This does not perform nearly as well as the old one and therefore overpriced. If there was a discount or a price reduction for those of us who own a Dyson, I'd be happier but this is the first time I've said one of Dyson's products is somewhat of a ripoff.


Whelp, if you owned the old one and it's toast I'm afraid that this is your only option. Is it worth it? Well, it still does better than any vacuum attachment I've ever seen but performs at 65% best compared to the discontinued model. Buyer look around for it to (hopefully) be discounted. I could see paying half that price but nowhere is it listed lower. Otherwise, I hope Dyson reads this and either improves it or lowers the price.

2 and 1/2 stars would be my choice: It's half as good as the old one.

81 of 92 found the following review helpful:

1I returned it because it wasn't worth the moneyMar 12, 2005
By J. Vizza
First and foremost I love my DYSON vacuum and have convinced several of my friends that the price was definitely worth the money of the base unit. I originally purchased the yellow model because the purple (animal model) was never in stock and I was having a hard time justifying the price without having seen it in action. Because of that I thought it was a GREAT idea when they started selling the Mini Turbine Tool so I could finally get some of the pet hair from my 3 cats and dog off the sofa and chairs. As soon as I saw it I purchased it and couldnt wait to get home and try it out. I have never been so disappointed in a product. When you used it on the furniture you had to be so far off the fabric otherwise it would stop spinning - I couldn't get it close enough to the fabric to actually be effective on picking up any of the cat/dog hair without actually using it just for the suction. I tried it on several different types of fabric as well as the various living room and bedroom furniture. Same results each time. After several attempts - I packed it back up and returned it for a refund. Don't waste your time with this. Hopefully it will be redesigned in the future but this version is a dyson dud...

38 of 44 found the following review helpful:

1Not a good attachmentJan 04, 2005
By C. Anderson
I received this for christmas and the design is not good. When its attached to the vaccum, the brush inside spins until you touch it to your furniture and the brush stops spinning. We called Dyson and they said this is the way is works because when you push the attachment on your furniture, the brush then will spin only in the forward direction. So you can only sweep in one direction.

32 of 38 found the following review helpful:

1this tool is worthless!Mar 12, 2005
By Anthony C. Sirignano "asirignano"
I bought the purple dyson animal which comes with the mini turbine tool. The brushes stop rotating as soon as it touches any material. You may as well use any cheapo air suction tool! I can't believe that this tool is a major selling point for animal owners. It's a rip-off.

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